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Soudal Building Sealants

A. Silirub S - White/Black/Clear

Acetic curing sanitary silicone sealant for sealing in humid surroundings (bathrooms, kitchens, etc). Prevents mould formation.

B. Soudaflex 40FC - Grey

High modulus PU sealant-adhesive with excellent mechanical performance and chemical resistance for a wide range of bonding and sealing applications on concrete (floors and walls) and metals. For correct curing and improved adhesion on porous surfaces we recommend the use of Soudal Primer 100 to prepare the surfaces.

C. Fix-All - High Tack

Flexible high strength adhesive sealant with very high initial tack based on SMX Polymer Technology. For high performance flexible bonding and sealing applications of all types of materials onto most surfaces, both porous and non porous and even when humid.

D. Fix-All - Clear

Crystal clear adhesive sealant based on SMX Polymer technology for invisible bonding and sealing applications onto all types of surfaces, Suitable for applications inside and outside and for sanitary applications, even on humid and non porous surfaces.

E. Acryrub-White

High quality flexible gap filler based on acrylic polymers for the filling and waterproofing of gaps and joints before painting, Excellent adhesion onto porous surfaces. High viscosity, ideally suited for applications with sealant guns.

F. Silirub WS-Black

Silirub WS is a neutral cure highly elastic joint sealant based on silicones which has been developed for the weather sealing of expansion joints in façade applications. Suitable for contact with laminated glass, double glazing units, etc. Meets ISO 11600 F25LM and ISO 11600 G25LM. Meets ASTM C920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 35.

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Silirub SSilirub S