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SOUDAL - Experts in sealants, foams and adhesives

Founded in 1966 by current Chairman Vic Swerts, Soudal has grown at over 10% per year, every year. Its success is based on the quality of its products and its ability to stay at the cutting edge of technology through innovation.


Every week 3 million cartridges are manufactured in over one million square feet of highly automated production facilities on various continents according to exacting quality standards. To maintain these standards, Soudal became the first company in its industry to achieve the ISO9001 quality certification.

Product consistency and full traceability are therefore ensured across the huge range of over 1000 chemical formulations.


Highly qualified scientists, engineers and application technicians develop state of the art formulas, packaging and accessories to perfectly suit the demands of both the market and end users. Driven by the will to continuously improve and to provide better and more environmentally friendly solutions for its customers, Soudal is leading from the front in product innovation.

Commitment to customers

Apart from offering an extensive range of high quality products, Soudal offers ongoing commitment to providing outstanding service, guaranteed delivery times and a personalised approach to on-going partnerships with existing customers. Soudal’s legendary flexibility in production and logistics stands it in good stead. Technical support is also a vital component of Soudal’s commitment to customer service. This approach to customer service, together with an innovative and high quality product range has proved to be a winning formula.


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