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Soudal Adhesives

A. Marble Adhesive 30A

Two component pre-accellerated adhesive for the bonding of marble and natural stone onto many types of surfaces and for the filling of gaps, cracks and holes in marble. Can be used for bonding applications of artificial stone tiles.

B. PVC Adhesive 42A

Fast drying adhesive for bonding applications of hard PVC materials to each other (PVC pipes, gutters, units, etc). Withstands pressure of up to 6 bar.

C. Butyband ALU

High quality sealing tape based on butyl. Very flexible. Does not flow onto vertical surfaces. Excellent adhesion onto all surfaces even when applied at low temperatures.

D. PE Glazing Tape

Single sided adhesion (3mm x 9mm, 2mm x 9mm).

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Marble Adhesive 30AMarble Adhesive 30A