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Soudal Anchoring Solutions

A. Soudafix VE-400-SF – Dark Grey

2-component chemical anchor based on vinylester resins. Heavy duty tension free anchoring in hollow and solid stone, bricks and concrete. Free of styrene, low smell. European approval (ETA/CE) option 7 for crackfree concrete. Fire rating F120. Can be applied at temperatures as low as -5°C, on moist surfaces and in wet drilling holes.

B. Sleeve M8, M12

Special sieve sleeve for applications in hollow stone 13 x 85 (M8 and M10) and 18 x 85 (M12).

C. Static Mixer

Static mixing nozzles for optimal mixing of 2-component chemical anchors.

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Soudafix VE-400-SFSoudafix VE-400-SF