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Soudal Construction PU Foams

A. Soudafoam 1K - White

Top grade professional PU Foam with high insulation value (thermal and acoustic). Due to its form stability perfectly suited for the installation of door- and window frames. Fills cavities, seals openings in roof constructions and creates acoustic screens. Free of CFC’s and HCFC’s.

B. Soudafoam 2K - White

Fast curing two-component PU Foam (can be trimmed 30 minutes after extrusion). Creates a dense and strong foam structure, does not require moisture for curing. Excellent form stability (no shrink), suited for problem free installation of doors and windows and in applications where there is limited access to humidity. Fast and safe activating system.

C. Soudafoam FR 2K - Red

Fire rated fast curing two-component PU Foam. Benor/ATG attestations for applications with various types of fire rated doors and configurations.

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Soudafoam 1KSoudafoam 1K