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Krosswood Doors

The Krosswood Difference

Krosswood doors combine handcrafted workmanship and today’s most popular door styles to give you the best stile and rail door in the market. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials, skilled craftsmen and relentless effort to ensure consistent quality in every door.

Our brand is globally recognised for “Real Wood Doors” and has reached out to market our products throughout North America, South America, Asia & the Middle East.

We encourage you to try the warmth, beauty, and quality that come from years of dedicated engineering and attention to every detail. We know you will find the look you have been waiting for.

Product Benefits

It’s Whats on the Inside That Counts

  • International Brand, built to American Standards
  • Durability; Engineered to resist warping
  • Quality; Every door that comes off our production line has passed every part of our 18 point inspection
  • Thick wood surface veneer resists denting, scratching and peeling
  • Most attractive doors in the Market
  • Backed by one year warranty
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