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Real Wood Veneer Doors

Completely Revolutionary

Never before has a wood door been so cost effective, ecologically friendly and technologically advanced as the Krosscore door. Our exclusive KrossWeaveTM technology permanently bonds real hardwood to the engineered door surface for unmatched strength and unyielding quality. The real hardwood surface finishes like other solid wood doors, without sacrificing craftsmanship or style. Krosscore is perfect for every new home or remodel, regardless of design or budget.

Surprisingly Affordable

Today, we are bringing elegant and rich wood doors to every home, and every budget. The innovation of Krosscore allows each home owner the ability to upgrade from painted doors to elegant hardwood doors at a surprisingly affordable price. Immediately available in the most popular hardwoods, including: cherry, mahogany, red oak, maple and walnut. The possibilities are endless.

Socially Responsible

We are pioneering a revolution in wood doors. Giving you the look and feel of real wood doors while maintaining your desire to take care of our Earth.Krosscore doors gives you the look and feel of wood doors made of a 100% recycled core, renewable sourced wood components and an ecologically and renewable substrate. All this and the style and distinction you would expect from a hardwood door.