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Tilcor Roofing Systems Ltd is part of the Ross Family Group of companies that has been in the roofing industry since the mid-1900s. Originally making concrete blocks and concrete tiles back in 1942, the Ross family business soon grew and became known as Ross Concrete Products and later Ross Roofing. By early 1970′s, it had its own automated concrete tile roofing plant, the largest in New Zealand, and was one of the largest distributors of stone coated steel tiles. In 1989 the business started manufacturing stone coated steel roofing tiles at its factory in New Zealand. Joint ventures were also formed with manufacturing facilities in Belgium and the United States, and by the year 2000 they had a global presence. The Ross Family subsequently sold its interests in the joint ventures and has now launched a new brand Tilcor.Tilcor is in a major expansion process as it forges new territory into the Middle East, African, European and North American markets. With Tilcor roofing tiles now installed in over 80 countries, and proven in some of the most extreme weather conditions, the Ross Family has become recognised as a world leader in the manufacturing of superior roofing products. The Tilcor product range is made up of seven distinct profiles, five of which are currently offered in Nigeria – Tudor, Shake, Royal, Bond, Classic, This range caters for all types of construction, from residential to light-commercial and public works. Tilcor tiles offer a combination or versatility and long-term endurance which competing tile makers still struggle to match. Available in a wide range of colours, Tilcor products are lightweight, versatile and easy to install. Composed of a Zincalume-protected steel substrate covered with natural stone granules, Tilcor products are earthquake, fire and freeze/thaw resistant and can withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 190kph. Because all Tilcor roof tile types contain Zincalume at their core, the selection we offer allows for a greater variety of finished appearances without comprising on quality or durability. Click here to view our finished Houses. Tilcor Performance Guarantees(click on icons for more info) Hail Resistance Fire Safe Protection from the Sun Marine Environments High Wind Resistance Earthquake Lightweight Roofing Experience Counts Sustainable


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